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How to clear up space, pay off debts, build better families, and build strong health of mind and body -by boosting immune system using natural herbs, and good health practices. Our world is so enamored of busyness, our culture places such a high value on multitasking that nobody is ever going to tell you to put silence and stillness on your “to do” list for the day. If we listen to the world and its agenda for us to work, hurry and succeed, we will find ourselves empty, unsatisfied and disconnected from our very own selves. 

Our busy lifestyles pushes us to forget the core values which can help us live healthy lifestyle, -Values such as purpose, courage, and responsibility. (Purpose so we can put good principles in action, courage so we can make a difference and responsibility so we can accept the consequences of our decisions and actions.) These core values which have inspired the writing of this book play an important part in building better families and in making sure that we create and sustain good relationships. Living healthy lifestyle also requires that we build vibrant health of mind and body so as to remain alive and vital. 

This book highlights three transformational practices that can help improve your lifestyle; A lifestyle of putting your life on track by clearing up space and paying debts, building better families and building strong health of mind and body, -by boosting your immune system using natural herbs, and good health practices. 

What’s familiar in this book:

i. Maintaining better relationships with your family or friends and spending time with family, 

ii. Creating a generous relationship with your partner/spouse which results to commitment and faithfulness, 

iii. Ways to prepare natural herbs and their benefits, as well as the benefits of using honey, tea, yogurt and other natural remedies which can help boost your health.

While I understand that healthy lifestyle is not only about good health and relationship, I strongly believe that these practices can transform your whole person. 

I encourage you to discern your purpose and share your passions with your family as these are favorable in building a healthy family. I encourage you to have courage to rise above any obstacles that may obstruct your purpose or your goal. Lastly, I encourage you to take responsibility to choose the ways that help you attain your purpose/goal. The thought of healthy lifestyle is lost when you fail to adopt the proper habits. As you read this book, ask yourself, “what habit do I need to add to my “to do” list concerning my lifestyle?” 

Every healthy routine we adapt yields its tribute of delight. Every change we make corresponds to and authorizes new state of mind. It is therefore necessary to uplift your lifestyle. Our daily habits don’t have to be a long hard cognitive process. Even on a minor scale, personal goals are not hard to accomplish with the right information and support. We just have to be vigilant in undertaking the proper habits that would ensure good health. I am hopeful that these health practices will renew your energy and help you maintain proper health choices!